Fun Facts

Mustangs of the West™: Sherry Rayn Barnett, Aubrey Richmond, Suzanna Spring, Holly Montgomery, Suzanne Morissette (l-r)

Mustangs of the West™: Sherry Rayn Barnett, Aubrey Richmond, Suzanna Spring, Holly Montgomery, Suzanne Morissette (l-r)

 Sherry Rayn Barnett is a guitarist who loves anything with a good twang. Her passion for 6 strings began as a classical guitar major at NYC’s “Fame” School of Performing Arts. She moved to Los Angeles, lured by the west coast sound of classic country rock, and the opportunity to play with like minded bands. Sherry was an original Mustang in the group’s first incarnation, with an early endorsement from Leo Fender and G&L Guitars. Now the founder of the newly reunited Mustangs of the West, she freely admits her addiction to guitars, cats and coffee, not necessarily in that order!

 Suzanna Spring: "I've always been drawn to outsiders," says this classically trained musician and prolific songwriter who grew up on both coasts, many parts in between, and now calls northern California home. Discovering Steve Earle, Tom Petty, and Lucinda Williams inspired a writer whose poetry, melodies and haunting vocals seem to embody longing and the quest for home.

 Suzanna worked as a staff writer and artist at Bluewater Music in Nashville, where she wrote  “T-Shirt From California”. An original Mustang, she is currently writing and recording again with Mustangs of the West. She is also a highly skilled yoga instructor and leads us in MustangsYoga sessions, which allow us to discover how much we have to do to keep up with her!

Holly Montgomery first began playing as a Mustang during the mid-90's, and now plays bass, sings and writes for the Mustangs Of The West. She is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Kentucky and is currently very active in the DC/Mid-Atlantic area doing live shows with her band and other live and session work.   She's equally comfortable hard rockin’ out or adding melodic bass lines to a hardcore country classic. She's been known to play two or three gigs a day and has also raised three adopted children from Kazakhstan singlehandedly!

From the small Canadian town of Chicoutimi, Suzanne Morissette’s family migrated to Quebec where she began studying music earnestly, focusing her energy on drums and percussion in her teens. As a master’s level graduate of the Quebec Conservatory of Music and honors graduate of Hollywood’s Percussion Institute of Technology, she met bassist Holly Montgomery, and together they played all over Los Angeles, reuniting this last year to form the rhythm section for the Mustangs of the West. Suzanne is our resident YouTube star, with over 4 million views as "the wedding dress drummer", playing a killer solo at her own wedding!

 West coast born and raised, Aubrey Richmond is a California native who grew up playing fiddle, classical piano, and riding horses amidst the woods and rivers of Northeast Washington State. Her love of music finally led her to Los Angeles where she’s spent the past 12 years building her career as a professional live & studio musician, and the last three of those touring and recording as the violinist/vocalist for Shooter Jennings. A big fan of horses and all-female bands, she is honored and excited to join the MOTW line-up. Multi talented Aubrey can also be found on Facebook creating spontaneous "how to" videos about saving unwelcome surprise insect visitors after returning home from a gig at 3 AM.!

 Holly Montgomery is endorsed by MTD basses, and TecAmp bass gear.                                                                                                                      

Suzanne Morissette is endorsed by Dixon Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, LP Percussion, Evans Drum Heads.

Aubrey Richmond is endorsed by Roland.