MUSTANGS OF THE WEST are proud to be a Blue Élan Records recording artist!  The year 2019 was a HUGE year for the band - the new album was recorded with legendary producer, Mark Howard, at nearly-as-legendary Henson Studios in Hollywood, and will be released in March 2020!

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Song of the Month:
Mustangs of the West, “Keep on Tryin’.” There is a band in Southern California which made a fine name for themselves a few decades ago and then went away. Naturally, now that they’re back with all barrels blazing, it’s only fitting the first single from their upcoming album is a gorgeous cover of Poco’s “Keep on Tryin’,” written by The Eagles’ Timothy B. Schmit. It takes a brave belief in yourself to tread into those waters, but Mustangs have never been short on that. Singer Suzanna Spring has a heaven-sent voice that once it finds a fitting song absolutely soars. Lead guitarist and dobro player Sherry Rayn Barnett is able to play circles around anything she connects with, and fiddler Aubrey Richmond is right there with her. Drummer Suzanne Morissette and bassist Holly Montgomery push everything forward perfectly, and when The Mustangs’ four-part harmony begins to blend in, all bets are off. This is the perfect example of a contemporary band finding a classic song and then adding a brand new glow to what was already great. Mustangs run free.

Timothy B. Schmit weighs in on "keep on tryin'":

Timothy, for 50 years a member of POCO and current member of The Eagles (band), says ...

"I’ve heard it … and it’s great. It’s always such an honor to hear someone else do a song you’ve written. Very nice!"

Southern California's original 5 piece, original all female band ... bass, drums, lead guitar and fiddle with 3-4 part vocal harmonies are back. California music rooted in classic country rock with modern Americana influences.